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I have no idea what to do today. Everyone is either away or not in Queens. I was going to go to the city today and visit the clinic and then go hang out but they are closed the last 2 weeks of August and I’m too lazy to go back to the city again. 

I was thinking of going to starbucks and bringing my laptop and maybe a book

and maybe go to the mall since I have to get presents for a care package/birthday. ughhh idk what to do. 

"I know you can heal Claire, but I never want to see you hurt."



Q: I'm a really timid and shy person and I don't know how to say no to a guy when he wants to dance with me

You just need to learn how to say no. If someone asks me and i don’t want to I say no. If someone tries to grind with me i’ll either move away, sit down, or just push them back and shake my head. If I say no and they grab my hand and try to persuade me I just yell no to their faces and usually they leave. 

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Q: Are clubs or frat parties better?

I’m not sure it just depends. Like frat parties are good for socializing because you can get drunk with people and actually talk to people and get to know someone. I like clubs because I like to dance and i like the ambiance and atmosphere but you can’t really talk to people. I went to one this week and i couldn’t understand half the people who talked to me because it was so loud. 

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Q: What race do you prefer or are attracted to?

I don’t have a preference. There are attractive people from every race so I don’t limit myself. 

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Q: Wow your really pretty. What makeup do you use? Like brand wise


Well I only wear eyeliner really. I use the retractable pens because they are quick and the pencil ones have to be sharpened and they hurt and gel liners are messy and the brushes get hard unless you clean them everyday. I use sephora or revlon. I also use mascara sometimes that pink one with the green cap? 

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